What I can do for you


Unlike other forex training courses that focus on crash courses, knowledge, and know -how, I’d like to coach you to become the forex trader you are meant to be. To be your own trader, decision maker, own learner, your own guru.

I have a Masters in Guidance and Counselling and passed with distinctions. I have 10 years of experience facilitating, mentoring, and teaching both young and mature adults.

And, most importantly, personal lessons learnt along my own journey, a lonely, uncharted journey that most give up on.

And, probably more than most importantly (if there is such as thing), I have real results I am willing to share with you, under certain conditions, because a level of discretion and confidentiality is involved when dealing with money.

What I can do for you will be divided into 3 tiers. And here they are.

  1. Conversation over coffee/ Skype (FOC, at least 1-2 hours)
  • The idea here is to get to know your expectations and experience about trading in general
  • To understand your financial situation
  • To understand your financial goals
  • To assess your risk appetite
  • To correct misconceptions about forex trading
  • And of course, to share my own story.

2. Freelance Personal/small group coaching (But Freelance is not Free :P)

  • At this stage, you should already have a good idea if forex trading is something you are committed to do and learn more in depth. I am not a salesman. I am a coach. And I am more than happy to coach you personally, or as a small group if anonymity is not an issue for you.
  • I will personalize your training program, and we will meet up frequently, to check on your progress. As a coach, my job is not to teach you, but to guide you in the right direction to find your own edge against other traders, even against myself.
  • It will be a long term relationship, preferably for at least 1 year, but of course, life happens, and thus every session will be charged independently.
  • Each session must be at least 2 hours, because any shorter will be meaningless, because I need to hear from you, analyze your trading approach, and coach you in return. It is a two way relationship, and these relationships take time to be effective.

4. Online Udemy courses

  • I am also putting up video tutorials and lectures on Udemy.
  • You may check out my Udemy Profile here for what courses are available.
  • Discount coupons are available, and always on offers. Check out my Facebook Page under “Offers” to see promotions for courses.

If any of the above interests you, we can always start at step one. A good conversation over coffee, or face to face Skype. And move from there.

Reach me anytime at james@smartcasualtrader.com through Email or Skype


Happy trading!