Going steady vs dating vs hanging out vs friendzones. What’s it got to do with trading?


just get a room and get it done with

Recently I read a post about Singaporean couples dating yet not taking it seriously.

So apparently dating is supposed to lead to marriage, and if you’re not dating, you can’t get married, and if you’re dating, you need to marry. Well, that’s my interpretation.

It’s about expectations. And a good, ethical coach/trainer with integrity will place managing expectations above all else when people engage their services.

Couples can date, sure, it is like a casual relationship that’s fun, and it’s ok to leave it as that. But if the couple is not honest about expectations, that perhaps one of them is expecting marriage while the other isn’t, then there will be unmet expectations and disappointments.

Similarly, aspiring traders who engage a coach or trainer must be honest with the expectations, and the trainer as well, lest there be disappointments and a breakdown of a coaching relationship.

Both parties will have to lay down expectations and discuss what the relationship’ s goals are. Is it about earning a fast buck? Is it about revealing a trading secret? Or is it about a long term commitment to learning, self discovery, walking a path peppered with failures and getting up, a path of dedication to mindful trading and developing right mindset about trading? 

Similar to the article about dating couples not being serious about considering marriage, there are aspiring traders who want the fun from trading, earn a quick buck from playing the market, while the coach expects otherwise. Sure, an unethical coach can play along and fool around as well. And the relationship will simply be going nowhere and end up likely toxic.

Trading for a living is a job. It is not a dating game with mind games and petty quarrels. It is a commitment to make it work, just like making the leap into marriage, making vows and promises, til death to you part.

Well. Hopefully wirh the right partner i.e.coach/trainer, you won’t die.

Happy trading!





The Smart Casual Trader considers the Dark Side


There is this bias about doctors going private. And it’s a concern even for the government. The unspoken truth is, beyond the standard “for better quality of life”, “to provide better care”, is about money. Please, correct me if I’m wrong here. It is the “ladder” to climb for doctors. To gain experience and reputation in government hospitals, and then make it on their own. I’m stereotyping. I know. I know of truly sincere, noble doctors who leave the public sector to provide better care for their patients because they now practice on their own terms. And, they have a better quality of life. Sure, the charges are higher because of overheads and costs which come out from their own pockets, but there is no denying the dark side as well: The lure of money.

I’ve seen facebook posts of doctors opening their own clinic, and their friends commenting “huat ah!”

I guess, that’s the reality.

And so it is with what I’m doing with Smart Casual Trading. I’m starting small, trading on my own, and providing services on the side at nominal rates, and more. I’m focusing on my brand, and in time, hopefully, my brand resonates with the average Singaporean who have paid and got burnt by conmen who make more money coaching than doing what they actually coach, and in time, I hope I am able to build a community of followers and believers in what I do.

Then what?

There is the dark side. The dark side is to go “private”. Because I’m been noticing my posts showing my profits and trading performance get the most hits, instead of those “smushy” stuff about empowering yourself to  learn a new skill and to step out of the comfort zone.  People still just want the “Secret Formula”. The “Holy Grail”.

The dark side beckons to me, to leverage on my performance, and on my brand, and go the path of mass marketing, mass coaching, mass lecturing, and of course, mass income that exceeds my trading income.

It is the common sense to do, isn’t it?

I respect the doctors who choose to remain in the public sector, choosing to teach, achieving AP positions, going into research, while their colleagues enter fields that are money cows. I have nothing against either. I just notice this. And I respect both doctors for their own reasons.

What about the Smart Casual Trader?

Only time will tell.


Contact me if you’re interested to learn more.


What does trading success mean to you?



Credit to @Sarcasm on Facebook

When I shared this to my personal Facebook timeline, a friend of mine asked an excellent question, that led to a great discussion about how we all need to see success in a different light.


Success is most easily, but lazily, measured in some form of KPI: Grades, salary, rank, job position. So when my friend asked the first question, it was a very good observation that indeed we have inherent biases that success has only one face.

The lady stepping out of the expensive looking car is clearly being represented to be the successful person. But how about the other characters in, and out, of the picture?

In trading, I learnt that in fund managment terms, the KPI for success is apparently known as the “alpha“. If you’re a fund manager, with a high alpha, you’d be considered to be more successful than other fund managers, simply put. Similar to being graded and streamed into different classes of different competencies, those with higher grades are deemed to be more successful.

Yet we know that the relationship between these traditional KPIs and success is not that clear in the end.

A SAHM trading a tiny capital of $100 returning 1% a month, consistently, is, to me, more successful than a top grade fund manager taking 20% service charges managing a $1 billion fund which is unable to match the market benchmark.

We all have been accustomed to typical images of success. But these days, we are seeing things change. Hopefully, this mindset that success is not simply exceeding a pre-existing set of KPIs, but a personal, meaningful outcome from hard work, resilience, or taking the leap of faith to grab an opportunity to pursue dreams, can spread further, making society more inclusive rather than exclusive.

Trading Smart, is not about knowledge, but wisdom that you cannot beat top fund managers who have many more years of experience and knowledge. But if you trade Casual, you leverage on your edge against them: You set your own benchmark of success, and are not tied to traditional KPIs like they are. This is the Smart Casual Trading philosophy.

One of my favourite Ted talks about success taught me that success is not about hitting the goal. But rather, it’s the process, the journey, that matters. And everyone has their own journey, their own path towards their personal success.