My Story

I could have been many things but my path was set to be a doctor. Along the way, I came across several crossroads, but my path was led by my father, who had my best interests at heart.

After graduation, I struggled through the period known as housemanship, the “trial by fire” as it was known then (not sure if it still is now).

The struggles led to periods of depression, repeated leaves of abscences and a re-posting.

I was given another chance, a 1 month extension of training, before being assessed again for full registration.

At that final crossroad, I chose to divert from the path. I had chosen to fail.

I had fallen into a strange place. A graduate with the degree to practice medicine, but without the licence to do so.

I then completed my national service as a service medic and moved on. I applied for teaching positions and managed to be accepted to lecture in a local polytechnic.

During my 8 years I silently struggled with my identity crisis. Am I a doctor? Students, staff, all asked when they felt there was something strange about how much I knew about human anatomy and physiology, human diseases and patient care.

This crisis pushed me to the edge, and when you’re on the edge, that’s when you feel most alive. I found my identity as a forex trader, rather by chance, and was determined to the death to make a living out of trading.

After 8 years of holding a full-time position I converted to a part-time position to focus on trading, as well as to reap the enjoyment of nurturing and interacting with students without dealing with the “admin” that comes packaged with a full-time position.

1 year post conversion I decided to take a full year break from lecturing to focus on this project: Smart. Casual. Trading.

I’m still working on my free e-book which tells the fuller story, which may interest some of you.

I welcome you to this website, and I wish you the very best.