2017 Annual Performance released

`account tatement

You win some, you lose less.

Here it it. My 2017 annual account from OANDA.

I’m lazy to calculate the % gains. I only care about the net realized profit.

So yup. Let’s hope 2018 will compound the gains using increasing position sizes.



Mid year check: 32% growth since January, average 5.3% gains per month


Step by step, let growth be exponential

The only numbers I’m interested in is percentage growth (or loss). So far since January I have made a 32% profit despite a large closure of a draw down that was dragging since last year.

Last year I made $54954 for the whole year, which looks worrying, but in terms of percentage gains, I actually grew 96% from the start of 2016. (Started 2016 with about $57012.69 in profit) That, to me, is a performance that may happen only once in a life time.

So right now, as we close towards half the year, I’ve grown the account further by 32%. If the gods of compounding are smiling on me, I may be able to increase it higher, because I took a big hit this year.

So, it is possible to trade for a living? Yes. It’s like asking, is it possible to invest for a living?  We sure hear plenty of legendary investors who just enjoy passive income and capital appreciation. But what most people don’t realize is that to trade/invest for a living, you need capital. Not everyone has that kind of capital to grow a sizable profit.

But they can focus on the percentage gains. And that’s all that matters.

This is the number that is important, more important than the monthly take. So far, this year, on average I make $6000 a month. Sure, I would give myself a $6000 salary every month, but that won’t make me rich. Because right now, the percentage growth per month is at 5.3%, which to me is average. But I’m quite happy with it, considering I trade very conservatively with only 1-2% of my capital per trade, and that big drawdown that I managed painfully through.

I don’t think I’m beating the stock market right now, I don’t know but I’m not caring about it. I only care about my own percentage growth, and I want to see the percentage growth go steadily higher, hopefully. As much as I aim to have a 10% per month growth, I’m not aggressive, I’m chill, I’m Casual. And why stop at 10%? I’m just focusing, month by month, on how to improve. There is always something to improve, and just this month of June, I’ve discovered so many mistakes.

And you can see the results for yourself. Focusing on the process, then after maybe 6 months or so, take a step back to review your overall performance, you’ll be able to see how the focus on process has reaped rewards, or,  if the process has no improvement, the numbers will tell you.

Focus on the process. Not the goal. Looking at the goal makes you miss a step. You might fall. But focus on the path, and before you know it, you’re way past the goal you set for yourself.


Happy trading!