How long did it take for Harry Potter to become published?


I think most people would be familiar with how the idea of Harry Potter popped into her head. The story is that:

After working at Amnesty International in London, Rowling and her then boyfriend decided to move to Manchester,[23] where she worked at the Chamber of Commerce.[24] In 1990, while she was on a four-hour-delayed train trip from Manchester to London, the idea for a story of a young boy attending a school of wizardry “came fully formed” into her mind.[23][41]

That’s from Wikipedia. Not many people, unless you read the backstory of how the first Harry Potter book got finally published,  it was only until 7 years later, and through a sheer stroke of luck when the publisher’s daughter had shown interest in the story to her father that caught his attention.

In that 7 years, she went through struggles, poverty, divorce, single parenthood. All while still focused, and determined to complete the first manuscript. And if it weren’t for the publisher’s daughter, we may never have the magic of Harry Potter today.

So the same goes for trading. You may have “seen the light”, or have found some secret formula to trading. But that is not enough to be successful. How to execute the formula, and have the mental edge to handle to inherent drawdowns, and not to give up trying and trying…and even needing a little luck in the end, to get the capital to grow your account, all while handling life itself.

Trading is a tough game. Yet it is so attractive to many because of how “easy” it is make money (and lose it). To succeed consistently, it can take years. As it did for me, and as it did for J.K Rowling, who always had the idea, the secret of Harry Potter, yet needed to go through so many trials and tribulations, and even needed a stroke of luck, to eventually reach where she is right now.

Are you willing to do the same? Or just looking for the secret formula and expect to lay back and let the money roll right in? Forget that idea. It’s what those $3000 per course salesmen are selling. And that’s all they are doing. Selling a dream.

Dreams are for you to make them happen. Or they will just be dreams in your head until the end your days.

It’s all in your own hands, not in others.

Put in the hard work, and time, for even a chance to reach success.

All the best!



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