There’s a Smart Casual Trader™ in all of us: Lessons from Monsters University

I love Pixar movies. Partly because not many people know that Steve Jobs had a large role to play in changing the animated movies industry not just by helping fund the small company, but through his legendary “reality distortion field”, managed to put Pixar on the map through tough negotiations with Walt Disney. Many of Walt Disney’s animated movie successes would not be possible without Pixar.

I digress.

Pixar movies move both kids and adults. And the script, storyline and characters, are mostly the brainchild of one man: John Lasseter.

I digress again.

Monsters University has a deep meaningful story. A story of Mike, the least scariest monster, gunning his way to pursue his dream to work in Monsters Inc. as a scarer. Despite the odds against him, he uses his strengths, his determination, and resilience, to build a team to top the university’s scaring program.

On the other side, we have Sully, the “sure-win”, overconfident, privileged monster who believed he didn’t need to try hard at all to be the best.

To cut the story short, things didn’t go well for both of them, but they had to team up in order to stay in the program, and group up with other non-scaring monsters in order to win a scaring competition to stay in the program.

To inspire the motley group that they have what it takes to be scarers, Mike brought them secretly into Monsters Inc to see real scarers at work. And the lesson then, was to realize that each monster had their own unique characteristics, using their strengths to their advantage to scare: Each monster had their own edge, there was no one “type” of monster like Sully, who was big, strong, and had a unbeatable roar. In other words, to succeed in scaring, it had little to do with who you are, what you look like, but rather, how you used your special talents, your edge, to be successful. Some of the scarers looked silly, even, but they still worked as top scarers, by leveraging on their edge.

The tagline for Monsters University is : “There’s a monster in all of us.”

And that is so true, for trading, or whatever you want to pursue. Don’t be intimidated by the men and women with the credentials in black suits, equipped with the top equipment, working in the top banks or funds. There is no one archetype of a successful trader. And I believe I’m a living example of such.

Find your edge. And the edge comes from being Smart, Casual.

Forget putting on your black suit and tie and put on your most comfortable T-shirt and shorts.

This is the Smart Casual Trading™ philosophy to be a successful trader, no matter what strategy you use.

Happy trading!



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