Weekly Trading Plan: 26th to 30th June

Week 4: June 26th-30th

No major holidays



ECB Forum with the big shots

830pm USD durable goods orders

11pm ECB Youth forum? Whhha?



6pm Carney speaks

10pm USD consumer confidence



1am Yawn Yellen speaks

830pm USD Advance goods trades balance

930 CAD guy speaks at ECB panel



750am lots of JPY numbers

8pm: EUR German CPI

830pm USD GDP, USD Core personal consumption expenditure, initial jobless claims



730am JPY CPI


355pm EUR German employment numbers

5pm: EUR Eurozone CPI

830pm CAD GDP, USD personal spending, USD personal consumption expenditure core


My Thoughts:

Seems like a quiet week but quite a lot of important numbers that may influence monetary policy in July, such as the CPI, GDP, employment and personal consumption numbers. Other than that, besides reading the news which I don’t, I don’t see any major upsets.

At the moment I’ve closed all my positions and have no drawdown, which is good. So it’s starting from a clean slate, and I’m looking forward to next week to see what may come.

Have a good weekend!


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