The best trades are often the ones you didn’t make: Smart, Casual Trading


My last trade made was on Wednesday, two days ago, a long GBPJPY position that I took profit early as it was a little out of my trading rules.

It’s been a very quiet Thursday and Friday, my favorite days of the week to trade. But checking against the event calendar, there doesn’t seem to be much excitement to be expected.

There will always be a temptation to trade, to do something, to adopt a different method so that you have some excuse to trade. Change your rules just this once.  Just take a gamble.

Well this is the discipline you need to build to trade the Smart Casual Method. If there are no trades, then don’t trade. Don’t go trade hunting. Sure, I’m not saying you can’t try, but I’m saying that usually doesn’t end up well. If your trading method has been working all this time, don’t just trade for the sake of trading, because you’ll be trading out of greed, and emotion.

So I’m feeling the itch right now. To take a bet. To go to a lower time frame to find more action. But I won’t.

As they say, Plan your trade, then trade your plan. And jumping into trades just because I’m bored and greedy makes a great trader not.

Time for some relaxation, until the next 4 hours later.

Happy trading!

Trade Smart. Trade Casual.

Contact me if you wish to know more.



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