Be your own Boss with The Smart Casual Trading Method.


I came across this post about young Singaporeans succeeding in pursuing their interests, often at the cost of giving up a great future such as a lawyer. Here’s the post:

As a Smart Casual Trader, I have emphasized many times that we live in a society that frowns on failure, despite evidence that failures are part of the path to success. It is mandatory to fail to succeed. Well, of course, depends on what success really means to you.

Failing your exams on purpose doesn’t make you a success because it’s just you being lazy and not giving a care about exams. But go ahead and fail your exams, or quit school, if you have a strong motivation, plan, and the fire to pursue your dreams, and be prepared to fail, again and again.

But in the list of successful stories, something’s missing. How about those who didn’t make it? Is it a case of survivorship bias?

Nonetheless, if you read the article, the common theme is the same: embrace failure. Build resilience. Learn from mistakes. Pick yourself up after every fall.

While the article doesn’t cover those who didn’t succeed in the end, I believe those who are not featured, but went through the same trials, have what it takes to succeed, in whatever they choose.

My story is not exactly the same. I don’t have a passion for forex. I simply got sick of being in a dead end job holding up the ladder for others to cilmb upwards with no promise that I can climb the ladder myself anytime soon.

But the process towards success is still the same. I gave up a comfy, well paying job, to pursue a venture where 90% of people fail. Because there really wasn’t anything else I could do. Or, was interested in doing.

Perhaps I’m just a case study of survivorship bias.

Well, I do consider myself my own boss anyway. I have my own method of trading. I make my own decisions, and I think most importantly, I make my own money. I don’t earn a fixed salary, but there is great pride in knowing the money I make, is through my own work, at my own time, instead of being bench marked and set by another department. There’s power in being your own boss. Even if the pay may be less, you know you worked for it, and you earned it.

As mentioned in the article, there is still bias against “pursuing your dreams”. Even a certain minister was against the idea of stepping out of your comfort zone, and instead encouraged graduates to find jobs and learn to love their jobs and stop complaining. To love the woman you marry, instead of marrying the woman you love.

These youngsters prove that it is possible. I have shown it is possible. And the common theme is a simple one:

Embrace failure as steps towards success. Build resilience. Learn from mistakes.

To those stuck in a moment you can’t get out off, be encouraged, be empowered, stop making excuses, make the first step, and stop blaming external factors. Make the choice. We only have one life, and sometimes, only one opportunity.


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