What’s wrong with trading forex casually? You missed out the “Smart Casual” part.

So I was just browsing the internet and if you google “smart casual trading” I’m very happy to see I get the first few top hits! Well. This could also mean nobody know wtf it is and I’m the only one in the whole Google universe who “owns” this silly idea of smart casual trading. But looking further down you do see some articles from other sources talking about trading for a side income.

Then this article came up highlighting the word “casual” since I searched for the word

and I quote:

Be a part-time day trader, but don’t be a casual one. Trade on a desktop or laptop during an allotted time each day, not on your smartphone in a bathroom stall at work.

If you’re casual and unstructured about your trading those who are serious, and refine their technique every day, will take your money.

Part-time trading is still serious business. Do it right, treat it like a (part-time) job or business, or don’t do it at all.

I totally agree on this guy’s definition on being casual. For him, being casual is more about being careless, or “heck care” about it, but my approach is not that, but to be “Smart Casual” . I’m trying to convey the approach that you don’t need to be in tight suits to trade well, as an analogy that you can trade a high risk market in a smart casual approach, much like going to work on Smart Casual Fridays. You still work. You still need to be serious about it, but you don’t have to be scared or uncomfortable while working. You feel more confident, more relaxed, and that, to me, is what “casual” means. And having this approach, to me, has been the core of my own personal success.

So coming back to the important question: Trade forex part time, or full time? Well the article I quoted above put up a very good case for trading “on the side”. And that is exactly what I also recommend. Unfortunately, not everyone has the fortune to love their job, or even have a job, or are still studying.  Or have a salary that’s sufficient to sustain their needs.

And sometimes, having a full time job just squeezes you so dry, you have no time to learn about anything else, unless you put in the effort, and determination, or depend on whatever is your motivation, to learn how to trade the Smart Casual Method or whatever trading style that fits you your personality. I think Minions would make terrible traders though. 😀

To tell you the truth it was very hard for me to learn on my own holding a full time job as I developed the Smart Casual Trading method, but I had the determination because I was simply plateauing in my job and losing interest in it, with no motivation to do better at it. I sneaked in time to learn on my own, tested the strategies, traded for real, and finally made the leap of faith to convert part time, to focus on trading full time, even when I hadn’t proved over a longer period of time that I was able to make enough money trading to match my salary. Crazy right?

So now, I’m earning a full income from trading forex using  the Smart Casual Method, while lecturing on the side. Yes, it is not as stable as a full time salary. Some months I beat my old salary by thousands. Sometimes less. But that’s not the point! The dollar earned: work done/time spent ratio is very high! And the improvement in the quality of life is immeasurable!

I cannot emphasize this enough: If you are in the dead-end end with your life squeezed out by the end of the day until you’re so tired, yet have to cook, do the dishes, entertain the kids, sure, you’re secure for quite a good period of time. But the life that is sucked out of you, don’t you want something more than just security and money and CPF? How about empowering yourself instead of helping your boss climb his ladder as you watch his backside before it’s your turn to take his place? If it will ever happen?

It’s a leap of faith. And for me, it was like standing on the edge like this monkey that forced me forward. I could either be sniped down or slip off, but when you’re on this kind of edge, your senses are sharpened, and you have no choice but keep moving, to keep focusing on the process, to take each step carefully, until you reach your goals and dreams.


Credit to Mr Dil Preet, for commenting that the monkey reminded him of me. In terms of taking on the big boys and daring to do what most people wouldn’t . Thanks dude!

I’m still that monkey. And I’m enjoying the scenery from up there.

Trade Smart, And Trade Casual.

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Happy Trading!


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