Is there a case for the Stay At Home Dad (SAHD)? *Father’s Day Special Report*


*Warning. Potential offensive material. It’s a tongue in cheek article. No haters please*

Ok. I’ll be honest here. No body really cares about father’s day. It’s an after thought. Compared to the “Special Mother’s Day Exclusive Menu” or “Get an Anova to make this Mother’s Day Extra Special” stuff that are aimed to drain your wallets putting you on a guilt trip, they attempt to throw you into another guilt trip called “Father’s Day” and let’s just admit it: You didn’t spend as much money on that family meal. RIGHT?

Well maybe there’s a reason for that. Traditionally fathers have been the one with one job. Or maybe two. First, to work. Second, to call the plumber when the toilet’s stuck. Or to fix the lightbulb.

Father’s don’t carry a fetus around for 9 months, and they make these fake bullet proof vests to let new fathers to be try on to let them “experience” what it’s like to be a mother. *Guilt trip*


There’s only one reason the inventor of this contraption did it: To put dads on a guilt trip.

Father’s don’t breast feed. They don’t pat their infants to sleep. (Coz mummy wants to) Fathers drive. Fathers bring in the dough while mommy enjoys special attention during confinement and paid maternal leave (sorry non Singaporeans, we get that here).

Yes, they are trying to level the playing field by extending paternal leave to encourage the father’s role in parenting but it’s well. Again, a little like lip service. (But credit to the government for rolling in out anyway). I mean, the idea of a “parenting” father can actually make the news when SAHMs get nothing, really…

Anyone wants to be a SAHD? Hmm? Anyone?

Well I had the privilege of being a SAHD with my wife a SAHM during my sabbatical for 6 months from lecturing part time. Alright we were both just unemployed. So unemployed I qualified for Workfare.

I quite liked it! I mean, in the mornings I’d bring the kid out for daddy babysitting time when everyone’s at work and we’d have ice cream and bonding time.. it was fun.


I think he’s surrendering and asking for help from too much daddy time

I’d also do laundry, cook, try out recipes, work on my trading for a living (so okay..I’m not a TRUE SAHD then, since I was actually still “working” by trading forex) but the Smart Casual Trader can afford lots of time to do other stuff like changing lightbulbs and repairing leaking air-conditioners and reading lifehacks to get rid of stubborn stains using sodium bicarbonate.

But again, similar to the case for the SAHM, being a SAHD probably isn’t the best idea as there are no benefits for you. As in, you know, those bribes of cash to make babies types of benefits…

After 6 months I returned to part time work, and still could trade, and life was..well, back to normal. More or less. Just that on those days I had to work, I didn’t have the energy to play piggy back with my boy, and on the days I didn’t have work, sure we could do fun stuff, but I still had to clear grading for my classes.

So is there a case to go full time living off trading and be a SAHD? Well, it is possible. With the Smart Casual Trading Method I think I’ve proved it’s possible, although you may argue 6 months is a pretty short time to make that kind of conclusion. But I think the Smart thing to do, if you are in a situation where you need side income and hate your job or are being lowly paid or in whatever situation that requires more extra income, I don’t see why not trading forex for a little boost, or even a substantial boost, would be a bad thing, whether by your own volition to be a part-time worker to spend more time with family, or if life happened and you need the extra income. Take it as learning a skill that may come in handy some day.

(And I happened to find out if you take my course-in-the-making on Udemy, you can claim from Skillsfuture! Hooray! And stay tuned!)

Here’s to all dads. Happy belated Father’s day, because….well. You lose to Mother’s Day. Just admit it.




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