Trading Forex like Warren Buffett


There are many videos out there on the great Oracle of Omaha, and these tips can be applied to any type of investment, trading, even in life. I practice these myself (after all, it was him that started my journey to learn more about financial freedom) for my trading: being frugal, going the long term, and separating success from money.

I choose my currencies pairs carefully. I consider the expenses (swaps), and I tend to have a long holding period, very contrary to most other forex day traders who stare at the screens to catch fish. I prefer cheap pairs. Much like how Warren Buffett endorses the idea of choosing stocks like grocery shopping. That’s how I make my decisions.

But have you wondered why, there is “only” one Warren Buffet?

My opinion is that, most of the rest of the world have very different values from him. They want fast money. They want numbers, not happiness. They want material things for showing off. Check out the short video to learn more, and contact me on how I apply these principles to my own Smart. Casual. Trading.

Happy trading!


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