SAHMs (Stay At Home Moms) are the BEST people for the Smart Casual Trading Method to generate a side, or even, a full income


I think there’s no need to start a debate on the values of being a working mom vs a SAHM.

Fact is, working mums get all the perks. Because they contribute to keeping our employment numbers impressive and contribute to the economy. So the big guys up there are throwing in perks, benefits, and incentives at working mums. Married, working moms, sorry I left that out.

Leaving behind the unmarried, SAHM who gets nothing. (Other than a tax break for their spouse, if they are in a marriage which is, wow, thanks, my spouse gets to pay less tax, hurrah)

Yes, there are privileged couples who can live on a single income. In fact, I came across a website that has tips on being a SAHM living on a single income (a little misleading because she reveals she actually works part time…)

Is it possible for a SAHM to make a full income? Of course there are lots of ideas and possibilities, but it’s still alot of work.

Have you considered trading?

If you haven’t read about how I trade and what exactly is Smart Casual Trading please have a look, and hopefully you can see how it requires very little time and “analysis” to make profitable trades, that can supplement, or even, give you a full income. (Imagine instead of being a “Sick of Asking Husband for Money”, the tables might even turn and your spouse ends up asking you for money instead!)

And SAHMs have a very powerful edge, in my opinion, over almost anyone else, be it working moms, financial analysts, bankers etc.

They are too busy nurturing their children and housekeeping to be distracted by market noise, such as clickbait news and rumours and “tips”.

I truly believe SAHMs can make great Smart Casual Traders.

Email me at if you want to find out more, or just browse my website on my approach to trading in a relaxed, casual, yet profitable way without spending too much time on it.

As the saying goes, less is best.

Dedicated to all SAHMs out there, and working moms who provide for their family, at the expense of spending more time with their loved ones.



4 thoughts on “SAHMs (Stay At Home Moms) are the BEST people for the Smart Casual Trading Method to generate a side, or even, a full income

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